“Continuing the legacy of his mentor, Civil Rights Attorney Johnie L. Cochran, Jr.”

Interviews: Brian In The Media

Fox News – O’Reilly Factor

Police Shooting of Devon Brown

Devin Brown, a unarmed 13 year old boy, was shot and killed at the end of an 8 minute car chase in which Brown was the driver of a neighbor’s car.

Court TV – CourtTV News

3 Strikes Law

Interview regarding the ballot initiative to reform Three Strikes Sentencing Law


Insider Exclusive

Lawerence Taylor vs. L.A. Sheriff’s Department

Lawrence Taylor was shot and killed, while still in the driver’s seat of his car, after his vehicle had been disabled by a police strip.

NBC 4 – NBC4 News

Winston Hayes Verdict

A civil court jury in Los Angeles County awarded Winston Hayes $1.3 Million after L.A.P.D. officers fired over 66 rounds into Mr. Hayes’ car, striking him 4 times.

Other Media Appearances:

NBC4 News-Nelson vs. LASUD

ABC 7 News – Taylor vs. L.A. Sheriff’s

KTLA 5 News-Su’u vs. Long Beach P.D.

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